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National Work - Alliance for Educational Justice

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The Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ) is a national alliance of youth organizing and intergenerational groups working for educational justice. AEJ seeks to:

  • Bring grassroots groups together to change federal educational policy
  • Build a national infrastructure for the education justice sector
  • Build the capacity of our organizations and our youth leaders to sustain and grow the progressive movement over the long haul.

The opportunities created by the new administration in Washington and the impending debates over the re-authorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, point to a clear need for local groups to speak with one voice about our priorities for public education.

We seek to elevate and amplify the voices of those most directly impacted by the general failure of public education; students and parents.

For nearly a decade, there have been discussions about creating a national educational justice network focused on youth and parent organizing groups. The alliance became a reality in 2008 when over 18 groups first came together formally to create the Alliance for Educational Justice. In the beginning of 2009, a smaller working group laid the groundwork for strategic joint action as well as articulated a long-term vision and infrastructure for collective work.

Members of AEJ represent a proven approach of driving educational reform grounded in the day to day experiences of students and parents through grassroots organizing in local communities. Through AEJ, we are in a position to bring our solutions to the national state.

We are united by:

  • Shared Framework: We approach education reform within the framework of human and civil rights.
  • Shared Issues: Our member organizations take on many similar issues including fighting to improve college access, advocating for youth voices in school governance, protecting public education against privatization, presenting alternatives to punitive school discipline, preventing the criminalization of student behavior and opening the doors of higher education to undocumented students.
  • Shared Strategy: Groups in the alliance engage in building coalitions that transcend geographic boundaries and develop multi-generational, multi-issue campaigns that focus on pushing reform from within as well as outside of the public education system.
  • Commitment to Movement Building: We understand that our work is broader than educational reform and bigger than our local communities; our work is about movement building for social justice.

Members of AEJ include: Albany Park Neighborhood Council, Chicago * Baltimore Algebra Project * Boston Youth Organizing Project * Brighton Park Neighborhood Council, Chicago * Californians for Justice * Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, San Francisco * Community Coalition, Los Angeles * Desis Rising Up and Moving, New York * Future of Tomorrow, New York * Inner City Struggle, Los Angles * Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, Chicago * Make the Road New York * Mothers on the Move, New York * Padres y Jovenes Unidos, Denver * Philadelphia Student Union * Sistas & Brothas United, New York * Sunflower Community Action, Wichita * Youth Together, Oakland * Youth United for Change, Philadelphia * Youth Education Alliance, Washington DC


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