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Immigrant Student Rights

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Padres & Jóvenes Unidos believes that all students regardless of immigration status deserve a high-quality education and access to higher education.  Each year tens of thousands of undocumented students are denied the opportunity of attending a higher education institution.

Colorado ASSET - Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow
For the past eight years, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos has organized and fought for legislation that would give undocumented students the opportunity to attend college or university at same or similar rates as other U.S. Citizens.  As a leading member of the Higher Education Access Alliance (HEAA), a statewide coalition that promotes tuition legislation for undocumented students, we organize students and parents to lead an annual effort to broaden educational opportunity for undocumented students.

While in-state tuition is a small step forward for our immigrant youth and helps close the educational attainment gap in our country, it is does not provide a long-term solution.  Undocumented students who graduate from college are still not able to exercise their degrees and enter a career or profession.  The DREAM Act, however, provides a path to citizenship and legalization with the attainment of a college degree.  We will continue to lead the fight in Colorado for the DREAM Act until it is passed and implemented on a national level.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform
The DREAM Act, like in-state tuition, brings justice to educated immigrant youth, but it still fails to acknowledge our mothers, fathers, families and compañeros in the community who live under the oppression of our broken immigration system.  We need a set of national policies that provide our families and loved ones with an attainable path to legalization, dignity, and justice.  We demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Deferred Action - Acción Díferida
Since the applications for Deferred Action were released on August 15, 2012, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos has helped connect students and parents with the advice and information they need to apply.  By holding Deferred Action information forums and application drives, Padres and other immigrant rights groups have helped hundreds of youth apply for Deferred Action.

To get involved with our Immigrant Student Rights campaign, or for more information on any of the above issues, please contact Daniel Kim at (303) 458-6545 or daniel@padresunidos.org


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