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With roots in the struggle for educational justice,

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos is a multi-issue organization, 

led by people of color, who work for 

racial justice for youth, immigrant rights, 

educational excellence, and quality health for all.


Padres & Jóvenes Unidos builds power 

to challenge the root causes of discrimination, racism, and inequity,

by exposing the economic, social, and institutional basis for injustice

and developing effective strategies to realize meaningful change. 





  • Featured petition

    Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Platform for Excellent Schools

    The skills that students do not master when they are in middle school are often the same skills they don't develop in high school, and become the same skills that they they most need and do not have when they get to college.

    Even though students have met the requirements for high school graduation, they remain profoundly limited in their abilities to do college-level academic work, in many ways because of what they did not learn in middle school.

    This report by Padres & Jovenes Unidos, and our allies A+ Denver and Stand for Children: Colorado, provides some sobering data.


     report by A+ Denver


    The Truth is out about schools in Southwest Denver... and it's not good:


    Only 1 in 10 seniors are ready for college!


    84% of our students are performing below grade level


    In an incoming freshman class of 1,490 students, only 108 graduate! 





    We Demand Quality Schools!


    Padres' Platform for Excellent Schools in SW Denver


    Review student academic progress and teacher effectiveness for quick help and tutoring.


    Prepare All Students for College using the Colorado Academic Standards.


    Implement Restorative Justice for discipline.


    Create Healthy & Safe Schools for all students.


    Lift up and respect the cultures of all parents & students.


    Have a longer school day and year for tutoring, ELA student support; and access to the arts, sports, etc.


    The time is now.


    Sign this petition.


    Your voice matters.


    I demand that the Denver Public Schools Board immediately develop a plan of reform for Southwest Denver schools, based on the Padres & Jóvenes Unidos Platform.



    Will you sign?

  • From the blog

    Building a National Movement Against Injustice


    Members of Padres y Jovenes Unidos are taking part this week in the 2014 A Gathering of Leaders conference in Oakland, CA.

    The annual conference, which strives to unite social justice leaders from across the country in a movement to give all boys and men of color greater opportunity, hosted several speakers including one of our very own -- Jhovani Becerra.

    To listen to Jhovani and other leaders speak, click on the link below.


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    Parents Say Southwest Denver Schools Are Being Left Behind

    By CBS4 on June 6,2014

    DENVER – Some angry parents spoke out in a rally on Thursday, saying Denver Public Schools has ignored its southwest region and allowed schools there fail.

    The group, which included members of Padres & Jovenes Unidos and Stand For Children, rallied outside DPS headquarters.

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    Southwest Denver Parents Rally, Want Better Schools

    Southwest Denver parents and students rallied outside Denver Public Schools' headquarters Thursday night demanding better schools.

    By Monique Collins of Chalkbeat Colorado on June 6, 2014

    Denver parents and students rallied for better schools outside the city’s school district’s headquarters June 5.

    The protest, the latest move in a campaign by education reform organizations to draw attention to the city’s southwest schools, follows an April report addressing poor student achievement in the area’s 42 schools.

    Members from organizations Stand for Children and Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, and other community members held copies of the report up, yelling, “Ya basta,” Spanish for “enough is enough,” during the rally. Children wore homemade graduation caps to represent their desire to attend college.

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    Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Rethinking 'Zero Tolerance'


    By Bryce Wilson Stucki  of American Prospect on June 10, 2014


    A new approach to discipline seeks to keep kids in school and, ultimately, out of prison. In one high school, the number of serious incidents of misbehavior plummeted 60 percent, after the start of a "restorative justice" program.


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