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Health Justice

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Calling for Increased Access to Healthy Food and Physical Activity
As part of our Freedom to Learn Campaign, parent members of Padres & Jóvenes Unidos are calling on Denver Public Schools to improve access to nutritious food and to increase physical activity opportunities.  In order to improve our children's health -  and their opportunity for academic success - we must ensure that our communities, our schools, and our families have Health Justice.  Through participatory research and popular surveys, Padres & Jóvenes Unidos members bring to light critical health realities facing our community and call for change in Denver Public Schools. We are organizing for Health Justice!

In Summer 2012, parent members published a report that outlines the problem, its impact and propsed solutions to Denver Public Schools.  Read the publication, Health Justice Report: A Community Analysis of Nutrition, Food Access and Physical Activity in Denver Public Schools.

Health Crisis
We know our youth are at risk: childhood obesity is rising at alarming rates and children as young as two years old are developing high blood presure, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.  In low-income communities of color 50% of all children born in 2000 will develop diabetes within their lifetime.

The impact of this health crisis has real consequences for our communities - and we must act now.  As the weakening economy places added pressure on low-income families, access to affordable fruits and vegetables becomes even more limited.  For this reason, our parent members are organizing for equitable, increased access to healthy lifestyles and nutritious foods.  By applying public pressure through parent-led organizing, we plan to force Denver Public Schools to provide what every child deserves: a nutritious and healthful college-prep education for all students.

To get involved with our Health Justice campaign, please contact Monica Acosta at (303) 458-6545 or monica@padresunidos.org

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